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About Circle Me Bert

What is Circle Me Bert?

Circle Me Bert® is a popular sign raised by fans of the Minnesota Twins. Fans hope that I will spot their sign and circle them on television with my telestrator.

Why this site?

I lost my dad, Joe Blyleven, to Parkinson’s on Oct.15, 2004.  With your help we can raise needed funds for this stricken disease that affects so many others.  Finding a cure is one my goals through this site.  You can purchase several different designs using the Circle Me Bert® logo and part of the funds will go directly to the National Parkinson Foundation Minnesota (NPFM). My wife Gayle and I act as co-chairs for the NPFM and would appreciate your support.

Donate dollars directly at the NPFM site.

Explore the offerings on this site, gain awareness about Parkinson's, and create a sign for me to circle at the next Twins game. I'll be watching!


To all of you, Thank you for your contribution. You are herby circled!